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The first (or next) step on your path to reaching your goals in life.

My name is Jon and I offer a safe, comfortable and completely confidential space away from the stress of daily routine to help you to reach your full potential. If you don’t know what your goals are, we can discover them together. 

I provide unconditional support, without judgement, to help ease your concerns – anything from anxiety, low self-confidence and sexuality issues, to anger management and bereavement and loss.

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As a fully-trained psychodynamic therapist you can trust me with your deepest feelings and you’ll be free to share whatever’s on your mind. Often, the issues we think are troubling us, aren’t the real barriers at all.

Together we can explore ways to bring clarity to make for a happier existence and peace of mind – making an enormous difference to you and those around you. 


I’m a Humanistic Therapist with a Client-Centred approach, so I’ll do everything I can to understand you, in an empathetic way. This will give you a greater sense of acceptance of your own feelings, helping you reconnect with your inner-values and self-worth. 

Sharing even the smallest of troubles, can lead to enormous comfort and peace of mind.


During the current period of social distancing, I am offering client sessions via ZOOM or WhatsApp Video Chat.  

‘’I was worried about counselling online but it’s been a very comfortable transition and I’m totally used to it now, allowing Jon and I to continue our work. It’s such a relief and just feels like you’re face-to-face’’

How Counselling can be Effective

  • Person-centred therapy – you’re free to express your emotions and feelings in a relaxed and non-judgemental private setting. For instance, you might just feel a bit stuck and would like an outlet, speaking with someone who is completely objective.

  • Self-defeating behaviours – tackling habits and patterns of thinking that you’d like to address, including behaviour which holds you back or is an unconscious barrier, perhaps causing unwanted anxiety and worry.

  • Anxiety – When we feel anxious, it can be overwhelming and debilitating and even lead to panic attacks. Counselling is an opportunity to separate different worries which may be building up. And it can address unhelpful thinking patterns which unnecessarily hold us back in our daily life, work and relationships. 

  • Low self-esteem – When we have low self-esteem, we tend to see ourselves and the world around us in a poor light. It can make it tough to believe in oneself, to try new things and take risks. But I can help build and strengthen self-esteem and together we can step out of a comfort zone. We can change how we see, and what we say about ourselves. 

  • Working through past experiences – exploring influences of your current behaviour and changing it. Perhaps you are struggling to accept a change in your life or want to look at unfinished business from the past. Working through this in counselling, can help come to terms with change or loss in a more manageable way.

  • Relationships – recognise and manage differences and negative patterns within relationships – then working to adapt and change them. It can be very effective to look at patterns in past relationships and what may be repeating in your relationship and in your life. We’ll work together to understand why and where things have gone wrong and how problems can be overcome.


  • Solution-focused therapy – addressing a particular issue and promoting positive change, focusing on your (sometimes unknown) strengths. Together we can address personal trait changes and enhancement. Would you like be more assertive, or even just find a way to curb unwanted and destructive anger?

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Having worked in very different industries; finance, the media and hospitality, I bring a wide experience of working with all types of personalities when helping others. I know what it’s like working to tight deadlines and in a stressful environment. 

As a TV executive working on programmes involving sensitive issues including body dysmorphia, drink and drug issues, sexuality and relationships, eating disorders, and self-confidence/anxiety – I’ve had a wide exposure to multiple issues and this has hugely enhanced my understanding of the challenges life throws at us, something I’m proud to apply to my counselling.

My clients say that I have changed their lives. Where at first they had feelings of doubt and worry about sharing thoughts with a stranger, they now can’t imagine life without our sessions. As our therapist-client relationship develops, we may discover together areas of our lives, that could use a little tweaking through a little soul searching and self-development.


I am a psychodynamic counsellor with an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Ad Dip PC). I’m an accredited registrant member of The National Counselling Society.
I’m also a hypnotherapist and an accredited registrant with The National Hypnotherapy Society Dip Hyp CS (MHS) - with distinction. 
I am fully insured with professional liability insurance and I adhere to the fundamental values, ethics and Code of Practice outlined by The National Counselling and Hypnotherapy Societies. 
I have regular supervision and continued professional development (CPD) to constantly enhance my skills. 

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Hypnotherapy can be a powerful and fulfilling way to conquer the stresses and strife we all face daily, including:

• Work or home stress management 

• Weight loss and healthy eating

• Stopping smoking

• Changing an unwanted habit or behaviour

• Self-confidence boosters

• Anxiety and panic attacks

• Conquering a fear – such as a wedding speech, interview, or driving test


If you haven’t experienced hypnotherapy before, you can even try a session just for relaxation. This is also something I can teach you to practice by yourself.

A wonderful way to escape daily woes, even for a couple of minutes or so, leaving your mind clear to carry on with your day. I often use self-hypnosis to aid my own sleeping, for those frustrating times when we wake up in the middle of the night and a million and one thoughts are going through our heads. It can be lifechanging! 


My full name is Jon Robert Durbridge. 

I work privately from home in Limehouse, East London in a secure, safe and confidential space, overlooking the river. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from Limehouse station (mainline and DLR: 2 stops on the DLR from Bank station or 3 stops from Canary Wharf with a Jubilee line connection).  
I also practice at The Awareness Centre, Tooting, south London as a private therapist.  

I suggest that we arrange a first session so that we can meet and discuss what brings you to counselling at this time. The first session is also an opportunity for us both to see if we feel we can work together.

Please contact me for an informal chat, prior to arranging a counselling session to discuss any matter, in confidence, over the phone on 07734 571 753. Alternatively, email me at There’s no obligation to proceed. 

I charge £55 for a one-to-one 50-minute counselling session. Hypnotherapy starts at £55, depending on the type of therapy you’re looking for. 
Introductory offer - £15 off your first session.

If you haven’t experienced counselling before, it can feel like a daunting move. In my experience, no-one has ever regretted it. This could be the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling future for you and this newfound peace of mind will make an enormous difference to your life, and those around you.

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The Awareness Centre
74-80 Upper Tooting Road
SW17 7PB

07734 571753

Psychology Patient


I’ve been seeing Jon for a few months now. I was very apprehensive about counselling in general and what it can do. But straight from the outset Jon made me feel totally at ease and I knew I’d made the right decision. I’m free to explore what I like, and his caring manner more than allows for this. We’ve worked through many things that were really holding me back. It’s just very easy and comfortable and our sessions have made the world of difference to my day-to-day life. 

Just before I met Jon, I’d hit a brick wall. I was putting so many obstacles in the way of having healthy relationships with friends, family and partners, I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Learning about self-defeating behaviours (had no idea I had any!) really made me see where I was going wrong. And learning about where they link to (my growing up) etc, makes your eyes open. But in a gradual way, mainly because of Jon’s mild and guiding personality. I look forward to our meetings every week. 

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